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Hill Street Dental PracticeHill Street Dental Practice
2.8 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Sean AlexanderSean Alexander

Staff are lovely! Wait times are below average for NHS treatment. All these complaints are likely from sick people in pain, I would just ignore them. I am a new patient and have been welcomed well. (Like the old saying goes, treat people as you wish to be treated. You reap what you sow)

Bky Chemical SolutionsBky Chemical Solutions

I'm a new patient and I was treated very well. The wait for appointments on treatment is small compared to a lot of NHS services. Staff are lovely!

Charlotte FreemanCharlotte Freeman

Just called to get an emergency appointment as I had part of root canal done few days ago and I am in severe pain ... spoken to a lady called Amy who offered me a sit and wait appointment tomorrow but I tried to tell her I'm actually in hospital then tried to ask could I come to the sit and wait Thursday for her to keep talking over me n tried dismiss my call i then asked to speak to practice manager and was told I couldt ... got her days mixed up and was very rude kept repeating her self louder m louder to talk over me which then resulted in me shouting because of how rude and dismissive she was... never in all the years iv been coming here have I ever had such utter bad manners towards me by the staff ..

Beth HughesBeth Hughes

If you work and can't make day time appointments then don't bother calling up as I've been told I'll be waiting 6 months for an appointment after 3pm..
But I can have an emergency appointment, oh wait but you have to be there for 1.30pm!!
Ridiculous, if I'm at work until 3pm I'm pretty sure that I'm there at 1.30 as well... Thanks for nothing

Nathan BullockNathan Bullock

As this dental practice were the only dental practice in the area taking on new patients, I rang registered myself and I was seen within 2 weeks. All staff made me feel welcome and were all very polite and friendly.

Gary ShepherdGary Shepherd

Hill Street Dentist is on the climb back up to its best, fresher reception staff who are friendly and welcoming unlike the previous receptionist, the dental surgeon is always polite and friendly and makes you feel at ease.

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Di RogersDi Rogers

I’m moving to another dentist with compassion. After explaining my dental phobia to the surgeon I just wasted my time as her response was stone faced. However the attitude changed promptly when I mentioned paying for my treatment privately. � I also requested a quote for private treatment via email and have received nothing. This was a couple of months ago. I wouldn’t have gone ahead with it anyway. Disappointed.

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Julia SandsJulia Sands
Annabel TerryAnnabel Terry

Many Thanks my daughter was nervous at her appointment, and we had excellent care and my daughter came out smiling. Thank you Annabel

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Stella DangerfieldStella Dangerfield

Thank you � excellent practice and a first class service

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Dave FerrisDave Ferris

They were great. Receptionist welcoming and efficient. The dentist was kind, confident and gentle. I know what the previous person meant about paying in bulk. That came as a shock to us too. But that must be the NHS England way.

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David RutlandDavid Rutland

Thanks very much for refusing me treatment this morning. I would have been more than happy to pay, I just can't pay in bulk. I was in a lot of pain and still am. What's wrong with you? This is supposed to be England 2017. I only hope that when you are in a situation of need, that you get shown more compassion than you showed me. You should be ashamed.

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